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The Ford Service Credit card is a private label credit card that provides a dedicated line of credit for Ford Service and quick Lane customers to use only at participating Ford and Quick Lane dealerships. Take advantage of the Ford Service Credit card when taking care of your vehicle's needs. As part of our service, we offer this flexible financing option allowing customers to pay for all the service maintenance and repair, along with tires and other parts purchased at your Rochester Ford.

Ford Credit Login

Ford Credit Card Login:

Take advantage of the convenience of our Ford Service Credit card. This flexible financing option lets you pay for all services maintenance and repair, as well as tires or other parts purchased at Ford Dealers across the U.S.

When To Use Ford Credit Card?

The Ford Credit card is much like those retail credit cards that you can only use at the store. It is not an American Express, Discover, Visa or Mastercard and you can only use it at Ford dealerships. This card is basically just a way to finance things like service for your Ford vehicle, parts, tires, accessories, body shop repairs, service plans and even rentals.

How To Apply For A Ford Credit Card?

It will be challenging to apply for a Ford credit card because unfortunately, Ford Motor credit no longer offers credit cards for non-vehicle purchases. The commercial credit line option is available for vehicle purchases as well. They also have a program called Ford Interest Advantage that allows investors with a little as $1000 to earn competitive interest rates. Ford credit card offers competitive financing for vehicle purchases, vehicle leases, and commercial credit lines.

Process To Apply For Ford Credit Card:

  • Type on your computer and then click either "Lease" or "Purchase". Choose "Apply for credit" from the drop-down menu. The credit application will appear.
  • Fill in all of the information requested on the application. Include:"Name", "Address", "Social Security Number", "Date of Birth", Income Each Pay Period, Time at Employer, Years, Months, Residence information, Mortgage/Rent Payment, Time at Residence, Telephone Numbers, Employer Name, Occupation.
  • Enter your Email address in the "2 set your email and password" box. Follow with, "Email", "confirm Email", "Create password" and "confirm password".
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    Select a Dealer in the 3 select a Dealer box. Choices will be given based on the Zip code you entered in the "Your Details" box. Check the box for the "Dealer Nearest You", "Search for More Dealers". Please note that selecting a dealer on your application, implies consent for Ford credit to disclose the results of your credit evaluation and application with the dealer selected.
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    . Review your credit application. Click on the Review and submit box, located at the bottom of the screen below your application. If corrections are needed to choose "Change Details". If everything is correct, go on to the next step.
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    Submit your credit application by clicking on the submit box, located at the bottom of the screen. Results are typically available in about an hour.

How To Login Ford Credit Card?

If you want to avail all the features your card has got all you need is to log into your account. On your internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here and find the log in the box located on the left side of their homepage, just below the "Buy or Lease" option button. Enter your username in the provided username field and enter your password to the provide password field then click the "Remember Username" only if you are using a personal computer. Click the login button to finalize the login process and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your login and access your account.

If you are facing any problems with your login credentials then you can reset your login credentials by following some few steps:
  • On your internet browser, enter the official website by typing this direct URL for logging in or else just by clicking here.
  • If you accidentally forgot your username, select the link of "Username" in the "Forgot your username or password?". On the other hand, select the link "Password" if you accidentally forgot your password.
  • Resetting your password will redirect you to a new page where you can reset your password.
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    Retrieving your username will redirect you to a new page where you can retrieve your username.
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    TO reset your password, some information will be required. For instance, you should fill in your current username and account number. On the other hand, to retrieve your username, you should put in your account number.
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    After filling up this necessary information in the reset and retrieve pages, click the "Verify" button to continue and finalize the needed process.

Ford credit card Rewards

If you still face the same problem or you need some help to discuss then contact customer care helping by phone or email as per mentioned details;
  • Online Customer Support: official website
  • Phone Customer Support: Your Account Manager, Payment information, General Inquiries.
Ford Credit Login

Benefits Of Ford Credit Card:

This card offers extended special interest financing plans that will save you money by eliminating interest on eligible charged transactions for six or 12 months. You get timely rebate offers, whether you are a new or existing cardholder. Many users of the Ford service Credit card tells us how helpful it is to have a line of credit allocated specifically to their automotive needs. Every participating Ford dealers accepts the Ford service credit card nationwide.

One of the Card's most popular benefits is our customer Rebate Incentive. Just spend $250 or more on your Ford service credit card and you will receive a $25 prepaid cash card by mail-in rebate. Get your own Ford Service credit and then visit the Northcentral Ford Service centre for our excellent maintenance and repair service.

  • Easy Application Process.
  • Extended Special Interest Financing Plans.
  • plus
    Low Monthly payments.
  • plus
    Timely Rebate Offers for New and Existing Cardholders.
  • plus
    Establish a line of credit specifically for your automotive needs.
  • plus
    Accepted Nationwide at participating Ford Dealers.

How To Make Ford Credit Card Online Payment?

We offer several payment options, including free online payments. For your convenience, you may make a one-time online payment or enroll in automatic(monthly) payments within Account Manager. Once enrolled, please select the "Payment option" tab at the top menu bar and select "make an online payment" you will then be prompted to select "Single Payment" or "Automatic payments".

With single online payments, you select the amount to pay, the payment date, as well as the bank account information. For monthly automatic payments, your payment amount due will be deducted from your designated bank account on the payment due date.

Features Of Ford Credit Card:

  • Risk Management identifies, measures and communicates risk and opportunities by using tools, analysis and the best information available.
  • Marketing assists Ford Motor Company and its dealers in selling more vehicles by developing effective automotive financial products, marketing program, and sales tools.
  • sales operations through all economic life cycles, sales operations provides financial products and services to Ford, its dealers, and customers.
  • Quality and process management ensures the quality of products and services in addition to developing and overseeing processes.
  • Business centre operations work hand-in-hand with both dealerships and customers to ensure a positive consumer experience. We have locations throughout the United States.


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